Rules of the Caminito del Rey

Since the visit takes in a protected Natural Park through narrow paths, specially the wooden walkways, and with the sole purpose of maintaining the natural aspect of the park and also for your own safety and that of other visitors, the following rules should be heeded.
It is forbidden to:

  • Carry other people whether they be children or otherwise.
  • Wear flip-flops, high heels or any other type of footwear which is inadequate for this type of activity and which may cause injury or falls.
  • Use a harness or any other type of equipment to fix yourself the steel cable life line found on the walkway since this could be a hindrance to others and cause falls.
  • Carry backpacks or bags of considerable size, as well as the use of selfie sticks and hiking sticks as they could be a hindrance and an obstacle for others.
  • Misuse any safety equipment supplied at or indicated at the control point.
  • Use umbrellas or parasols in the case of rain. A raincoat or similar is obligatory for these circumstances.
  • Leave or throw away litter.
  • Light fires.
  • Smoke any type of substance.
  • Consume alcoholic beverages or eat any type of food which is not specified in the recommendations section.
  • Take photographs with tripods or similar which may obstruct the free passage of other visitors.
  • Use drones or similar apparatus, unless it has been previously authorized by the competent Nature Conservationist Authority since it is a natural park with a large colony of birds.
  • Enter the walk with pets
  • Swim or bathe in the river or pools.
  • Enter the tunnels of the canals.
  • Leave the main pathway within the valley del Hoyo area due to the high risk of provoking rock falls.
  • Pick or break or damage plant life.
  • Shout or listen to music at a high volume.
  •  Undress, remove footwear or lie down on the walk.
  • Take or damage rocks or other geological elements such as fossils.
  • Paint, draw or inscribe on any natural or manmade elements.
  • Scatter ashes of the deceased.
  • Enter the walkway with infant pushchairs, baby carriers or wheelchairs or any accessory which may impede or hinder evacuation.
  • Enter the walkway accompanied by children under eight years of age.
  • Sell or resell tickets or falsifications of them.

All visitors are obliged to strictly follow the norms as well as those given by members
of staff when subsequent circumstances so require them.

1.    The Caminito del Rey is redeveloped infrastructure so as to enjoy an active turism activity, an activity which takes place outdoors. Therefore possible risks and dangers need to be taken into consideration as well as both physical ability and skills needed for this type of activity. In consequence of the above, the following recommendations should be taken into consideration:

  • Take water or energy drinks
  • Take chocolate, energy bars, nuts and fruit.
  • Use sun block and cap especially in the hot season.
  • Wear adequate clothing in accordance to the time of the year especially suitable footwear for an outdoor activity such as this

2.        Visitors, depending on the time of day should pre-prepare for a possible lunch (sandwich or similar), since you will be unable to prepare them in situ due to the narrow walkway which does not allow stopping for meals. Therefore food should be consumed off the wooden walkways.

3.       Visitors should take into account that from entering to leaving the tour, there are no toilets or restrooms available.

4.       Due to the length of the visit as well as its difficulty, we highly recommend all those who are not physically fit enough to do this activity, as well as those who suffer from or think they might suffer from vertigo (the walkways are both narrow and situated at a considerable height plus the necessity of crossing a hanging bridge) or people who suffer from heart, breathing or locomotive problems as well as those who are taking medication which may have negative side effects for doing this type of activity not to take part in this activity. As well as the reasons mentioned above, those entering with under aged youths not emancipated must be supervised at all times by a parent or legal tutor during the length of the visit.

5.       Since this activity takes place in a natural environment surrounded by mountains, the possibility of minor rock falls should be taken into account.

Operational rules

1.    The entrance tickets should be purchased exclusively through the licensed online platform which can be found on the official website of the Caminito del Rey or any other authorized platform. This ticket can only be purchased prior acceptance of these conditions and will be emitted with a bar code which will allow entrance once it has been correctly read by the existing scanning devises.

2.       In order to access the tour, visitors must be in possession of the corresponding entrance ticket. The entrance to the tour will take place from the north access (Ardales), unless otherwise authorized, so that visitors will be going downhill rather than uphill throughout the visit.

3.       Children older than 8 and under 18 must be accompanied by an adult in possession of a document such as an Id card, passport or any other official document which may verify the child`s age at any given moment during the tour.

4.       The holder of a valid entrance ticked is beneficiary to civil responsibility insurance which will cover any contingency which may occur from the start to the end of the tour if and when such contingency did not happen due to any breach of the rules or which may have occurred due to the exclusive fault of the visitor.

5.       Visitors must arrive at the admission gate 30 prior to the stipulated entrance time which figures on the ticket in order to facilitate and organize the groups for that time.

6.       Holders of entrance tickets will be able to enter directly via the north entrance. You may only access the tour through the official north gate, unless otherwise authorized, and therefore it is utterly forbidden to access by any other means such as the railway, mountain passes or hiking routes and thus the Provincial Council as well as the company running the Caminito del Rey are hereby exempt of any responsibility, liability and for supplying safety or other equipment which may derive from any illegal entry to the walk.

7.       Visitors are obliged to correctly wear the necessary safety equipment, which if needed, will be supplied at the entrance.

8.       Should it be necessary to overtake other visitors on the walkway, then this should be done in such a way to avoid any additional danger to the person situated on the handrail side of the walkway.

9.       Those who wish to partake in rock climbing activities will have free admission to the Caminito del Rey whenever they are going to take part in this activity. In order to do this, they must access through the official starting points and hold a valid civil responsibility insurance as well as sign in and accept the norms and conditions of the Caminito del Rey as well as those subject to a Natural Park for climbing activities.

10.   Climbing is permitted on climbing routes authorized by the relevant governmental nature department; but, in any case, on routes found within the area known as “the Gaitanejo gorges”, climbers will always use routes situated below the walkways of the Caminito del Rey. Climbing competitions are forbidden without the corresponding authorization from the relevant governmental nature department. In any case, climbers must follow all rules and regulation herein except those related to backpacks.

It is completely forbidden to climb over the hand rails to access climbing routes situated below the walkway and also to use the hand rails to anchor ropes to.

11.   Both visitors and climbers who enter the Caminito del Rey, and therefore to the Gaitanejo Gorges Natural Park, must abide all rules and regulations as well as those applicable by the relevant Governmental Nature Department

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