In line with the world ethical code of conduct for tourism developed by the WTO, those companies and services of tourism of The Caminito del Rey, conscious of the fundamental role they play in the economical, social and environmental development of the area, pledge to:
1.  Respect and promote the objectives of sustainable development, taking special interest in the specific rights of the most vulnerable groups of population. The companies dedicated to touristic services also pledge to promote tolerance, gender equality and the respectful inclusion of all, improving access to their installations and services well as promoting the identity and culture of the area.
2.  Protect the environment and the natural resources of the destination in such a way that they satisfy the needs without putting them at risk for the generations to come. Both the activities and infrastructures related to the activities should be designed in order to protect the environment, preservation of the resources and control the contamination of the area.
3.  Prioritize the recruitment, considering the same skills and abilities, of staff and local suppliers
4.   Include this code of conduct into its own business and services, at the same time informing the administrator of the Caminito del Rey Tourist Destination of measures taken to put the principals of this code into practice.
5.   Provide visitors with objective, accurate information about the destinations and the conditions of travel, cooperating closely with public authorities in order to guarantee their safety and so avoiding any hostile conduct, behaving at all times with respect and tolerance and at the same time repudiating any type of racist or xenophobic behavior.
6.   Instill to all employees the importance of knowing about and preserving the cultural heritage and local wildlife as well as learning to understand and respect the culture or the visitors to the destination.
7.   Disseminate the contents of this code among employees and clients in order to facilitate the development of these values and commitments.

Tourists as users have a great responsibility in the development of sustainable tourism for the destiny of the Caminito del Rey and are thus reminded to:

1.    Respect human rights, treating each and everyone with the same dignity and respect.

2.    Collaborate in undertaking the fulfillment of the values stated in this code in such a way tht the way that the activity flows the course of tolerance and hospitality making the activity a shared experience.

3.    Respect the traditions and culture of the villages surrounding the Caminito del Rey, recognizing and understanding their diversity and resources.

4.    Help to conserve and maintain the environment, protecting flora, wildlife, taking into account the impact that their behavior may have on this legacy and act accordingly.

5.    Support the local economy by purchasing both products and services of the area, following a responsible consumption which will allow the sustainability of the activity and of the resources which make it possible.

6.    Avoid all behavior which may damage the resources, traditions, image and reputation of the locals.

7.    Avoid all intolerant, racist, or xenophobic behavior resulting from religious, sexual orientation cultural or linguistic differences towards both staff members and local residents.

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